Our Services

We provide A&AS, EN, SE, ISD, IA, Non-A&AS and O&M support to clients including:

The Department of Defense (DoD), Intelligence Community (IC), and other Federal Executive Branch activities

  • Integrated Management Framework

  • Joint Capabilities Integration Development System
  • Large-Scale Systems and Defense Acquisition System
  • Planning, Programming, Budgeting and Execution
  • Program Management Support

  • Acquisition and Contracting
  • Logistics
  • Resource and Earned Value Management
  • Non-AAS

  • Administrative
  • Action Tracking and Policy Coordination
  • Contract Support Administration


Decades of Federal Executive Branch and Intelligence Community experience delivering

results, products, services, solutions on-time and within budget through teamwork and with integrity

Instructional Systems Design

We design, develop and deliver training geared towards adult learners using cognitive instructional design principles.

The result, reliable training curriculum, custom solutions, and mentoring that is applicable across your entire organization from senior executives to new hires.

Engineering and Systems Engineering

Intelligence Analysis

Operations and Maintenance Support

Instructional Systems Design and Training Delivery